Sheila’s Weekly Race Review


Weekly Race Review

Kansas 400

Kansas City, KS.

Ok, race fans, this is the 29th race of 2007 and the 3rd of the Chase. Jimmy Johnson in the 48 is on the pole. 17 Matt Kenseth starts 2nd. Jimmy gets blown into the wall early in Happy Hour on Saturday and has to get out the backup car. That means he will start from the rear. They did manage to get the backup ready in about 20 minutes, so he was able to practice some. When he moved to the rear, the whole inside line moved up, putting 10 Scott Riggs on the pole, from 3rd. 7 Robby Gordon also had an engine change, and starts from the rear.
78 is Joe Nemechek, 49 is John Andretti, and again 88 is Kenny Wallace. Besides 10, 49 and 78 making the race, there was also 55 Michael Waltrip, 44 Dale Jarrett, 00 David Reutimann, 36 Jeremy Mayfield, and 22 Dave Blaney starts last. Failing to qualify are: 84 A.J. Allmendinger, 4 Ward Burton, 83 Brian Vickers, and Jon Wood in the Wood Brothers JTG # 47.
17 Matt Kenseth leads the first lap. 8 Dale Earnhardt gets into 10 Riggs after making it 3-wide. 10 saves it, but looses spots. 16 Greg Biffle is in Aflac car today. 31 Jeff Burton gets into 49 John Andretti because of the high winds. The first Caution comes out during the commercial. 22 Dave Blaney stays out to lead, along with 45 Kyle Petty and 21 Ken Schrader. Now it’s raining and they throw the Red Flag. 21 is Little Debbie’s this week.
You can’t work on the cars during a Red Flag. Jeff Burton takes the cover off his 31 car and tries to pull out the fender while he’s waiting for the track to dry off! He gets caught, and they send him to the end of the longest line. When the Caution comes back out 22,45, and 21 pit. If I was 21, I’d have stayed out. Only 12 laps were run. He could have gotten the 5 bonus points.
17 is leading at the Green. 8 nearly gets into the wall. He likes it up high. The second Caution comes out when 8 gets into 5 Kyle Busch. Spins him right out. And Kyle is a Chaser. But he did try to block Jr. 17 is again leading at the restart. 1 Martin Truex, Jr. gets into the wall, but they don’t throw the caution until the outer tire flies off and debris is all over the track.
42 Juan Pablo Montoya gets loose, and we get to see the UPS 44 car of Dale Jarrett. 2 Kurt Busch and 24 Jeff Gordon catch the 17. 2 and 17 battle for the lead. 2 takes the lead during the commercial. 24 shoved 2 past 17 and 24 gets by 17, putting 17 back to third.12 Ryan Newman has a valve problem. 20 Tony stewart gets by 11 Denny Hamlin for 4th. And then there’s a commercial. The 4th caution comes out during the commercial when 88 K. Wallace spins. 42 Montoya also has damage. Everyone pits. It’s 24, 17, 2, 20 out of the pits. 17 gets back into the lead. 20 gets by 24 for second.
Fifth caution comes out when 31 is stopped on the track. He had a broken cable from the fuel tank to the engine. He had no fuel pressure. 20 takes the lead. 5 comes back out onto the track, 45 laps down. 2 and 20 battle for the lead. 2 takes the lead. 31 is back on the track. 29 Kevin Harvick gets loose, which causes 16 to get into 21. The sixth caution comes out when 7 gets a flat and spins out. Everyone pits and they come out 1,2,48,17,20,11,24,16,29,07.
The Green comes out during the commercial. 2 takes the lead. While in the pits 45 had to come to a complete stop when 1 came out of his pit and 45 was trying to get in his. It’s 3-wide 48-20-1.The seventh caution is for debris off 20. 17 scoops it up and sends it into the soft wall. 48 led a lap. 24 isn’t handling well. 22 gets by 17 for fifth. Green Flag Pitting begins, and then there’s lightening, so the 8th caution comes out. 20 is almost out of gas and has to keep turning the car off and on and driving on the flat of the track to keep from running out of gas.
The Red Flag comes out Lap 148. It’s 20-16-29-07-41-8-01-25-19. The Network switches over from ABC to ESPN2. NASCAR decides to go to lap 225. 20 comes out first and manages to go around one time and pit. 55 has to be pushed, as he couldn’t get it started after the rain. 20 comes back out first. The 9th caution comes out when 21 spins. He got beside 55 and got loose and lost it. 20 got into 1, and it also collected 17,43,38 & 00. 48 and 11 get their lap back. 29 gets through the mess to take the lead. 24 comes back in to top off the gas. The green comes out on lap 165 of 225 and 20 doesn’t pit despite damage. The tire is smoking at the restart.
16 takes the lead. Caution # 10 comes out when 20 looses the tire and crashes. 2 got into 20 because 20 wasn’t going fast enough. They collect 99 Carl Edwards. 1 is back out in a modified. The restart is with 28 to go. 16 is leading. Caution # 11 is when 26 McMurray got into 15 Paul Menard, and 15 into 11 Denny Hamlin. They were 3-wide. 20 is out.( He should have pitted. There was plenty of time for him to catch back up.) 07 gets by 29 for 2nd. 99 is back out on the track. 42 tags the wall.
The 12th caution is from debris off the 42 when he hit the wall. There are only 4 laps to go and it is getting dark, so we will not see a Green, White Checker finish. Biffle runs out of gas before the end, but because the field was frozen at the caution, he takes the win. All in all, pretty exciting. The top 10 were 16,07,48,25,24,29,41,19,9,8.

Race review brought to you by Sheila Hawley


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